Kenilworth KVC/VFW is a 501c-19 charitable organization for veterans and the military. 100% of donations go to the veterans or military for various programs unless the donar desginates a specific program for their donation. No one at the Post receives a salary and we do not pay for advertising.

Please consider making a donation below to help out our men and women in uniform!

We also accept donations in the form of goods such as hard candy, writing paper, pens, playing cards, poker chips, white sweat socks, baby wipes, q-tips, blankets, cards from children addressed to “My hero”, no religious articles, no pornography, no samples from hotels or motels (shampoo, body lotion etc.), no food. Home baked cookies are ok. These donations are generally sent to our Adopt a Unit Program.

If you know of any companies that might consider donating items tell them their donations will be tax excempt and we will send them an ST5.

You can e-mail our post Adjutant at or you can drop off donations to Kathy in the Kenilworth VFW Lounge.